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Below is a brief overview of the major areas of our Capability Statement.

David Long Queensland Pty Ltd  have been in the building construction industry for approximately 30 years. During this time we have gained an enviable reputation of excellence in construction. The company is made up of personnel who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry. This office is affiliated with offices in Victoria:- Long Constructions and Kola Developments, Builders - NSW. With our associate companies in other States, we have the capacity to provide a range of services for our National Clients.

David Long & Associates is responsible for the efficient and effective management to successfully complete all projects within budget and on time. Our team have the skills, experience and attitude to successfully compliment each other to provide maximum benefits to our clients. The size and complexity of each specific project will determine resourcing requirements for site and supporting office staff, machinery and equipment.

David Long & Associates place a high significance on Workplace Health and Safety on our sites. At all projects carried out by David Long & Associates we will protect the Health and Safety of employees, contractors and the community while paying proper regard to the environment. Site staff and a number of off-site staff are recognised Safety Officers, and have completed the required safety courses and refresher courses as laid down by the Workplace Health & Safety Act1995.

Our Quality Management System would ensure we achieve the firm's objectives of maintaining consistent quality of products in order to give our clients assurance that we are reliable in the provision of our services. David Long & Associates are committed to providing quality assured services to our clients and would apply a Quality Management System based on the Australian Standard AS3901 and AS3905.2 (AS/SO 9001:2000).

David Long & Associates shall facilitate cost control for the project via two systems and their interface. The first is a cost estimating system where project costs are established and the second is the cost control system to monitor expenditure. Both are operated via computer interfaced programmes.

Time and program control is implemented and managed through a dual process system, which includes the Main Program and the Micro/ Site program (a more specific sub-program of the main program).

Controlling time, cost and general project administration, our office operates a fully integrated computer project management system. All Managers and Administrators are familiar with the use of these systems in monitoring and controlling projects. In addition, all relevant personnel have been trained in the following application used for project management.

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